Permanent Free

We Are Each Others by Julien Gardair

Kings Highway & 18th Avenue Subway

New York,

Brooklyn-based artist Julien Gardair created We are Each Others for the Kings Highway and 18th Avenue Stations of the F line. The artwork depicts figural sculptures with seating elements and whimsical windscreen panels. Figures from local history as well as present-day residents were the inspiration for the stainless steel sculptures. The artist refers to the early days of the area such as the arrival of European settlers and the foundation of the Culver train line at the turn of the 20th century bringing an expansion of residents in South Brooklyn. This series of joyful sculptures also captures themes of family life and resourcefulness in the neighborhood. Each sculpture is strictly made from a single piece of metal, cut along one continuous line and folded.

The sculptures are linked to one another by ornamental windscreens. For these the artist drew a line that divides a panel in 2 parts. Each piece is repeated, then arranged in multiple ways to create 14 unique configurations. The positive and negative arrangements mirror each other from across the platform at each station.

Gardair created all of the artwork with a no-waste design framework which relates to the future of the neighborhood and the environmental impact of all of New York City. Passengers will travel through time and imagination on their commute when experiencing Julien Gardair's We are each others artwork at these two Culver Line Stations.

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Born and raised in France, Julien Gardair is based in Brooklyn since 2007. HeĀ  develops a proteiform practice varying from cut out, drawings and paintings to public art and immersive site specific video installations. He builds contradictory spaces where a diversity of cultures and histories meet to stimulate new interpretations. His Savonnerie carpet is currently furnishing the Salon Dore, the French President office at the Elysee Palace in Paris. In Brooklyn, he just created an ensemble of stainless steel sculptures as part of a permanent installation for the MTA Arts & Design program and a monumental cutout installation that was visible all summer at BRIC. Eighteen months ago he launched Surprise, a monthly edition cutout series available by subscription and he is currently working on a new series of large paintings.

Kings Highway & 18th Avenue Subway