Oct 29, 2019 at 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Brooklyn Falls for Les Editions de l’Epure

The Invisible Dog Art Center

51 Bergen Street, Boerum Hill
Brooklyn, NY United States

A series of talks and workshops curated by Les Editions de l’Epure, a French publishing house founded in 1991 by architects, Sabine Bucquet-Grenet and Pascale Blin that combine the arts, architecture, design and gastronomy. The event includes a French / Swiss Cheese challenge "Happy Hour"!

From 5 to 9pm, the Albertine Bookstore will run a pop-up shop with a selection of books from Les Editions de l’Epure.

Farmers Market with Treiber Farms, Mushrooms NYC and L’Imprimerie French Bakery.
All day long, stop by and shop some marvelous seasonal products straight from the field or the oven.

“Les Editions de l’Epure, a singular brand”
Talk by Sabine Buquet-Grenet, publisher, followed by a Q&A
In French with English translation

Grand Cru Déclassé: An editorial adventure
Talk by Gérard Descrambre and Dominique Hutin, authors, followed by a Q&A.
In French with English translation.

The long-term chronicle of Gérard Descrambe, winemaker in the Bordeaux region, sequenced in 47 vintages, for so many lashings and labels from the sports teams (elbow) of Hara-Kiri and Charlie Hebdo, often realistic, sometimes romantic, always in good taste.

“Do you speak wine? The words of wine, a living language to the taste of the time”
Conference by Dominique Hutin
In French with English translation

From 1100 to 2019, a sum of representations of the history of wine, its evolution, its techniques, which follow the thread of mutations of oenology and the aspirations of society. If certain epochs invited to take scholarly postures, heavy with starved terms, others, maybe because "the right word is the one which is closer to the natural one" gave birth to a freer Breviary . From "caudalies", to "wasted-ability" through "tarring the vestibule", the wine has a hung tongue. Analytical, poetic or slangy, no need to pass the language of the wine to carbon 14, it is the age of its arteries.

France–Switzerland: The (Cheesy) Battle

France and Switzerland share a border, a language, the famous choreographer Maurice Bejart, and a passion for a food made from the pressed curds of milk! Come join us to celebrate the end of the day for festive happy hours around what makes both countries so proud: their unique and inimitable cheeses.


Les Editions de l’Epure

Les Éditions de l’Épure has been publishing books on gastronomy, cooking, food, architecture, design and visual arts since 1991.

The Invisible Dog Art Center

The Invisible Dog Art Center is housed in a three-story former factory building in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Built in 1863, our 30,000 square foot facility has been the site of various industrial endeavors, most notably a belt factory that manufactured the famous Walt Disney invisible dog party trick, after which our center is named. The building remained dormant from the mid 1990s until 2009, when our founder Lucien Zayan opened The Invisible Dog.

The Invisible Dog is dedicated to the integration of innovation in the arts with profound respect for the past. In 2009, the building was restored for safety reasons, but special attention was given to the preservation of its original 1863 form. The rawness of the space is vital to our identity.

The ground floor is used for exhibitions, performances and public events featuring visual artists, performers, and curators from around the world. This floor also includes our pop-up shop, a home for independent and commercial designers in various fields. The second and third floors are divided into over 30 artists' studios and are integral to the vast creative community of the Invisible Dog. Here, art and architecture feed off each other organically. The artists who walk through our doors infuse our space with their creative energy and make The Invisible Dog Art Center a unique home for the arts.